“Re-eau is born of my passion for scent that has never escaped me throughout my life and career. I wanted to create a product that is devoted to the confidence that only a sensorial experience can bring. Scent really does take care of you in this instantaneous way and helps guide your mind-set and remind you of yourself and your story, no matter where you are in the world.”

stir senses + souls

“Scent, to me, is the most precious human experience. I am drawn to the discovery of it and I see it as an instantaneous luxury that stands the test of all time and place. For me, it evokes mood, memory and happiness that can transport you, like a time machine, with such precision to exactly where you want to be. And, the beauty of it is that you can always take it with you to celebrate your personal chemistry.”

scent-care is self-care

“I really wanted to modernize the body splash experience and elevate it into something new that can be discovered by everyone who wants just a little scent, and those who want a full scent experience. There is room for both of those people with Re-Eau. It doesn’t exclude anyone. You are in control of the experience.”

made for every day...and everyone

"The ingredients, packaging and brand philosophy are all thoughtfully-included to be as ethical and sustainable as possible, with the understanding that this philosophy is ever-evolving while ingrained in the brand purpose."

a sustainable scent-care company