Photo of Re-Eau's creator Bell's hands holding a bottle of Re-Eau. She is wearing a striped yellow dress.

About the Scentmaker

Re-Eau was the vision of its creator Bell, whose obsession with all things scented began as an 11 year old young girl walking the steamy streets of Rio De Janeiro, the city of her birth. She followed the fresh scents of all the Brazilian women, who even on the hottest days, smell like they just stepped out of a shower or bath. Even after the tight hug greetings and double kisses, they always smelled flawlessly fresh and conquered the heat & humidity with ease by combining their favorite scents together.

Always mixing to stir the senses and capture the soul.

She soon learned that the secret was adding a splash of aqua de colonia to compliment her existing fragrance and create her own bespoke scent as it was uniquely mixed with their lotions, haircare, etc. The obsession began and never left her…along with cases of her favorite scents from Brazil, back with her to the US where her elixir mixes conquered the high temps of NYC, Charleston, Miami and her new home in Ireland.

Wanting to modernize the body splash experience and elevate it into something new, she created Re-Eau for those who want just a little scent, and those who want a full scent experience. There is room for both of those people with Re-Eau. 

Re-Eau for all!

Discover Costa here.

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